Blueprint Artwork

Would you love to have your unique Human Design Blueprint manifested in an artwork? A special piece of art that shows you your energetic blueprint in a glance? This is a deeply personal gift to yourself and a relic to remember you, every day, how special you are!

I’m really happy and grateful to be able to make these pieces of Blueprint Artworks! Everything about this process of creation is amazing for me, it pours all the things I love into a piece of artwork. A pure Joy to make!  

Would you love to have your Blueprint manifested in art?

I’d be honoured to make yours! Just let me know below  and I’ll contact you!

…How does it work?

My process of creating your Blueprint Artwork, exists out of several stages. First of all I start with attuning energetically to your Blueprint. Then I go on studying your design, to get to ‘know’ you a little. I use my knowledge of the system to try to get a feel of who you are and what is important for you. After that, I start zooming in energetically and choose colours and write down messages. Through a quiet and slow process of painting and drawing, your energetic story is manifested on paper.

Once I’ve finished it, I will frame your Blueprint Artwork in an beautiful white frame of 40 x 50 cm (with a passe-partout). Ready to hang or place it in any of your beloved spaces!

The costs for a Blueprint Artwork are 222 Euros including the framework. 

Painted Energy Message

I can also use your blueprint to make you a personal Painted Energy Message. 

An Energy Message is a reflection of the energy that wants to be expressed in the moment. The message reveals a valuable advice or inspiration. It is an empowering, contemplative and aesthetic piece of art!

The finished piece of artwork measures 15 x 20 c. If you’d like it can be framed in a white frame of 21 x 30 cm (with a passe-partout). These Painted Energy Messages are beautiful and a truly unique gift to yourself or a special someone.

One of a kind original piece of Artwork.

The costs for an Energy Message are 79 Euros (excluding the framework).

Would you love to receive a Painted Energy Message?

Then just send me a request for this personal artwork. In order to make this art piece for you I’ll need to receive your name, date and time of birth. You can contact me below!

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